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April 17, 2024

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Sam Lee
Samuel Lee accepted the Lord back in harvest crusade in 2000 and started attending his very first Calvary Chapel in Downey when pastor Jeff Johnson was the senior pastor. After, in 2001 he met Cindy and two got married. Sam has 5 kids and 2 grandkids. Having walked with Lord for +23 years, he served under Senior pastor Bill Philipp Joshua Hueser and currently Ravinder Sahi as an elder. He currently leads the missions team whom visits orphanage in Mexico every other month. In addition, he leads marriage fellowship last Friday of each month. Sam's favorite verse is Mark 9 verse 35, Jesus telling His disciples that "to be the first, you must be servant of all." He believes that one of the best testimonies that the church could have to the world is that brothers and sisters' love one another as Christ loved. He believes when unbelievers see that, that will draw them to Christ. Born seoul south korea, he and his family immigrated to United States, Chicago Illinois back in 1986. Coming from semi religious catholic family, Sam didn't find true meaning of gospel and saving faith until 1999, when he HEARD ALTER call made through television by Greg Laurie. He still remembers the words, Greg quoting Jesus "he who is not with me are against me". Knowing that there is no such a thing as staying neutral to Christianity, he gave his life to Christ. He has not looked back since then.

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